We invest in your overall health and comfort.

More than just another neighborhood dental clinic, Taylor Street Dental was designed to provide patients with up-to-date and technology-focused dental care in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Everything was given thought – how patients would feel in our waiting room, how long they’d be there and how approachable our staff is for new and long-time patients alike.

This all matters when considering the fear and anxiety some feel when thinking about a dental appointment. We wanted to help them shed that fear and come to realize that we’re an integral part of their long-term health team, so we created a clinic where the old traditional dental stereotypes were nowhere to be found.

Doesn’t that sound like the dental clinic for you and your family? One where you can always feel confident in the knowledge that the dentists, the hygienists and the office staff are constantly looking for ways to improve the care they deliver and the overall service they provide? Then make an appointment with Taylor Street Dental today!


Consummate professionals, the dentists at Taylor Street Dental offer world-class attention to every patient’s individual needs. Dedicated to exceptional care and proven treatments, they’ll go the extra mile to see you smiling your beautiful smile for years to come including being there when you need them most with advice and treatments aimed at keeping you healthy!

Focusing on the best ways to incorporate the latest technology into patient care, our dentists work to find the ideal balance for each patient understanding that some are more comfortable with change than others. However, they know no one likes pain and discomfort so eliminating that is their #1 priority.

Taylor Street Dental talented dentists:

Dr. Michael Guadiz, DDS
Dentist, Invisalign® Specialist


Taylor Street Dental believes in the power of modern technology to better the experience of patients in a range of treatments. From assisting with efficiency to improving our ability to diagnose, there’s no question that technology can work wonders when used by our experts.

Here are a few of the technologies in use at Taylor Street Dental:

Digital X-Rays
Digital X-rays – Faster and reduce radiation!

Computerized Software
Tools to help our clinic work more efficiently!

iTero Element 5D Imaging
Imaging technology that’s light years ahead!

Surgical Air Purifiers
The latest air purifier technology used in hospitals!

Intraoral-Extraoral Suction
Technology that helps minimize aerosols indoors!

At Taylor Street Dental, we’ve embraced what technology can do for our patients and our team. By utilizing every tool available to us, we can deliver more attentive care and make it easier for our patients to get the help they need in a timely and safe manner. There’s little question that it has enabled us to better diagnose and treat a wide range of dental issues.

Our Vision

We see technology becoming an ever more important part of the way we meet, treat and interact with patients as time goes by. That’s why we’ve made an effort now to get out in front of the technological revolution that will sweep through the dental industry over the coming years. Why did we do it – to deliver the best dentistry in Pilsen and the Near West Side.

Whatever the future holds, you’ll always find a welcoming and comfortable environment at Taylor Street Dental. While technology will help us improve our service in many areas and will play an ever larger role in our approach to care, it’ll never take the place of the relationships we build with you and your family!

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Every single member of our team has more than 15 years of experience in that role!